Let’s get together to plan your get together

Specializing in the creation of professional conferences and events for clients both on- and off-campus, Conference Planning & Management works with you to reach your goals. Our office supports, plans, and executes the details from start to finish. By taking the time to understand your objectives, and collaborating with you on elements of a successful program, CPM will help ensure your event meets its goals.

Get together with our experienced coordinators to learn how we can make your conference or special event a success!

Let us help you…

  • Set Goals and Objectives
  • Develop Proposals
  • Present to Key Decision Makers
  • Identify the best format for your event
  • Develop a Planning Timeline
  • Build a Comprehensive Event Budget
  • Manage a Planning Committee
  • Fulfill Grant Obligations

Want to host an event or conference, but not sure where to start? Start with CPM!